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General Info -- back to the top

Cool guitar links and information including gear, playing and technique
I hope to have this page updated with pictures and information soon!

Full setup

Rack only

  1. Mesa Boogie Mark IV
  2. T.C. Electronics G-Major
  3. Lee Jackson Perfect Connection stereo 100 watt power amp
  4. THD Hotplate
  5. Keely Compressor
  6. Axess Electronics - GRX4 Router
  7. Axess Electroincs - CFX4 Function switcher
  8. JCM800 4x12 with Celestion GT75s
  9. Two Mesa Boogie 1x12 Thiele Cabinets/Celestion Vintage 30s
  10. Roland Expression pedal
  11. Axess Electronics MIDI foot controller
  12. Cry Baby wah
  13. '83 Les Paul Standard - Tobacco Sunburst with Floyd Rose
  14. '83 Les Paul Custom - White pearl (badly yellowed) with Floyd Rose

Arena -- back to the top

I am currently plaing in ARENA check out the web site our my space for more information

ARENA web site
ARENA on Fcaebook
ARENA on My Space

Links -- back to the top

some cool guitar information and links:

Savage Audio - Great Amplifiers and repair service
Y&T - Great band, check em out
Scott Henderson - Official web site
Neal Schon - Official web site
Mesa Boogie - The best amplifier! IMHO
Brown's Guitar Factory - Custom Guitars and repair work
Van Halen - Official web site
Bad Animals - Leni's band from Hurricane Alice and the end of the Eternal Teenagers
John Sykes - Official web site
Solidbody Guitar - Vintage guitars and amps and all knowing tone masters! :)
Axess Electronics - Great MIDI guitar rack gear for amp and effects switching
Zed Leppelin - Led Zeppelin tribute band.
John Petrucci - Current Mesa Boogie rack and set up.

G7 Editor -- back to the top

This software is a preset editor for the G-Major multi effects unit. -- Just the EXE and readme file, no setup. Try this version first. (117kb) -- Full setup program, use this if the EXE does not load (1.4mb)